Real Estate

Whether you are a first time home buyer or seller or someone with experience, Stevenson & Lynch, P.C. can provide the necessary legal representation to guide you through all aspects of the home-buying, home-selling or home-owning process. We will be there to assist you as you go forward with the greatest investment in most people’s lives.

The first step in the formal process is an Offer to Purchase. It is made by the Buyer to the Seller of Record and sets forth the terms of the purchase. Whether you are the Buyer or the Seller, you should consult with an Attorney prior to signing the written document. The Offer is a binding legal agreement between parties and can cause a party to complete the purchase process even though the terms are unfavorable. Stevenson & Lynch, P.C. can insure that you are cognizant of all of the terms contained in the Offer and negotiate on your behalf to include omitted terms or exclude restrictions or limitations contained in the original Offer.

After the Offer is accepted and signed by both parties, they proceed to the creation of a Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S). The P&S is a more inclusive document than the Offer and details the various responsibilities and duties that both parties have to complete the purchase in a timely manner. Stevenson & Lynch, P.C. can create the P&S or review one already created for you whether you are the Buyer or Seller.

The purchase process ends with a formal closing where the property is transferred from the Seller to the Buyer via a deed. The closing is orchestrated by the closing attorney who usually represents the bank or mortgage company. There is a growing trend in many jurisdictions where the closing attorney may also represent the Buyer in the transaction. Stevenson & Lynch, P.C. does not participate in this type of representation but rather prefers to represent the Buyer and not the bank or mortgage company. While some of the interests of the Buyer and the bank or mortgage company may coincide during the purchase process, there are still rights of the Buyer that deserve exclusive protection provided by the Buyer’s own attorney during the purchase process.

Stevenson & Lynch, P.C. is a full service law firm and can offer legal representation to Buyers and Sellers before, during and after the purchase process takes place. We help our clients understand their rights and issues throughout their real estate experience.