Wills & Estates

Stevenson & Lynch, P.C. has extensive knowledge and experience in providing Estate Planning services to our clients. We specialize in providing representation for all types clients from the young family just starting out to the retirees who want their grandchildren to benefit from their success in life.

After the initial free one hour consultation to determine the comprehensive nature of the estate, we determine the proper level of estate planning that is necessary to provide complete satisfaction to the client. A Simple or Basic Estate Planning includes the creation of some or all of the following legal documents:

Stevenson & Lynch can provide legal representation for the Executor of the Estate to shepherd the Assets of the deceased loved one through the complex Massachusetts Probate process to insure that the last wishes of the loved one are carried out in compliance with the Last Will and Testament. We can also investigate the legality of situation where one or more of the heirs feels that the distribution of assets under the deceased's Last Will was in question.